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The books in my mafia world are split into three series and a few standalones right now.

Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles

Camorra Chronicles

Sins of the Fathers series

All books are interlinked so you’ll meet characters from other books and find hints to future or past books. That said, many books can be read as standalone. 

IF you want the chronological experience, you should start with Bound By Honor and Luca Vitiello and read the following books in the Born in Blood Chronicles until Bound By Love. Then you should read Twisted Loyalties, Twisted Emotions and Twisted Pride from the Camorra Chronicles before you go back to the Born in Blood Chronicles to read Bound By The Past and Bound By Blood. After that you can read the remaining books in the Camorra Chronicles. 

Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles

  • Luca Vitiello
  • Bound by Honor
  • Bound by Duty
  • Bound by Hatred
  • Bound by Temptation
  • Bound by Vengeance
  • Bound by Love
  • Bound by the Past
  • Bound by Blood: Anthology
  • Born in Blood Collection Volume 1
  • Born in Blood Collection Volume 2

The Camorra Chronicles

  • Twisted Loyalties
  • Twisted Emotions
  • Twisted Pride
  • Twisted Bonds
  • Twisted Hearts
  • Twisted Cravings
  • Camorra Chronicles Collection Volume 1
  • Camorra Chronicles Collection Volume 2

Sins of the Fathers

My Sins of the Fathers books are for the Next Gen so if you want to stick to the chronological order, you should read them after all the other books, but they stand on their own and can be read without having read my two other series!

  • By Sin I Rise : Part One
  • By Sin I Rise : Part Two
  • By Virtue I Fall


Where do my standalone novels fit in?

I’d recommend you read Sweet Temptation after Bound By Love.

Fragile Longing would best fit in right after Bound By The Past. 

My upcoming A Touch of Fate is best read after Fragile Longing.

  • A Touch of Fate
  • Fragile Longing
  • Not Meant to be Broken
  • Only Work, No Play
  • Seduced by the Escort
  • Sweet Temptation
  • Dark Fairy Tales: A Midnight Dynasty Anthology

Books by C. Reilly

  • Deceitful
  • Renegade
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