Will Bound By Honor be released in Luca's POV?

It is already available. Check out Luca Vitiello, available on all retailers!

Will Dante & Valentina get another book?

Yes, Bound By The Past will be published May 20th!

Will Bibiana get a book?

Yes, Bibiana will get a book. 

When will Fabiano Scuderi get his book!

It's already out and called Twisted Loyalties! It's not part of the Born in Blood mafia chronicles but my new series: The Camorra Chronicles.

Will the next generation get books?

Yes, many kids of our favorite mobsters and their women will get books. Their stories will be part of my new series of standalones called Sins of the Fathers. The first book will be published in 2021!

Is there a reading order for your books?

I have two series set in my mafia world: The Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles and the Camorra Chronicles. There's also a standalone, Sweet Temptation set in the same world. I recommend starting with Bound By Honor and reading the Born in Blood Chronicles (book 1-6) before you move on to my Camorra Chronicles. Theoretically each of the books in the Camorra Chronicles could be read as a standalone but you'll get spoilers for my other series, so here's my suggestion:

Luca Vitiello or

Bound By Honor

Bound By Duty

Bound By Hatred

Bound By Temptation

Bound By Vengeance

Bound By Love

Twisted Loyalties

Twisted Emotions

Twisted Pride

Bound By The Past

Twisted Bonds

Twisted Hearts

Sweet Temptation can be read at any time.

Which characters will get a book in the future?

Adamo & Dinara (Twisted Cravings, October 2020)

Danilo & Sofia (July 28th, 2020)

Nestore (Camorra Underboss)

Samuel  (Outfit, future Underboss)

Bibiana (Valentina's best friend)

Orazio (Valentina's brother)

Stefano (Camorra Underboss)

Demetrio (Famiglia Underboss)

Marcella (Luca's daughter)

Amo (Luca's son)

Anna (Dante's daughter)

Leonas (Dante's son)

Greta (Remo's daughter)

Nevio (Remo's son)

Massimo (Nino's son)

Alessio (Nino's son)

Rocco Jr. (Rocco's son)

Daniele (Cassio's son)

What are your 2021 releases?

I don't want to promise any books for 2021 yet, but I'll definitely start the Sins of the Fathers series and publish at least one complete standalone as well. 

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