Will Bound By Honor be released in Luca's POV?

Yes, eventually the entire book will be released in his POV. 

Will Dante & Valentina get another book?

They will get another book, yes, which will have Dante's POV as well.

Will Bibiana get a book?

Yes, Bibiana will get a book. 

When will Fabiano Scuderi get his book!

It's already out and called Twisted Loyalties! It's not part of the Born in Blood mafia chronicles but my new series: The Camorra Chronicles.

Will Remo Falcone get a book?

Yes, it's the third book in the Camorra Chronicles called Twisted Pride! It'll be published in 2019!

When will Lover Extraordinaire be published?

In 2019, but I don't have a date yet.